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Property Management

Our service:

  • To meet and greet clients / potential clients

  • Outline to potential clients our extensive experience in property management which includes all aspects of rental services

  • Assessing rental properties prior to listing

  • Making suggestions as to potential works to rental properties in order for them to both meet the “Housing (standards for rented houses) Regulations 2017”

  • ...and ensuring they comply with up to date regulations for fire, ventilation etc.

  • Listing the subject properties for rent

  • Assessing and vetting potential tenants

  • Registering the new tenancies with the RTB Rented Tenancies Board

  • Collection of rents

  • Periodic inspection of rental properties in order to ensure Tenants are looking after the rental properties

  • Maintaining subject properties and repairing / maintaining internal appliances etc. as the need arises

  • Assessment of rental properties after Tenants have vacated

  • Ensuring electricity account is re placed back in the owner’s name after vacation

  • Swift turnover of rental properties back to the rental market.

Block management:

  • Organising the accounts of the Managing Company and carrying out the day to day running of the apartment block on behalf of the Management Company

  • Ensuring the building is maintained and internal machinery such as lifts, fire extinguishers, fire alarms are maintained and correctly serviced and records of the above are kept for Insurance companies etc.

  • Dealing with repairs / maintenance of all of the common areas of building

  • Handling complaints such as noise disturbances etc.

  • Maintaining an operating an expenditure budget for the building

  • Holding of an AGM where the accounts of the building are discussed and Directors of the Management Company are appointed / re-elected

  • Adoption of the annual service charge and the billing out and collection of same from the Members / Owners of the individual properties.